Silicon Magnesium

Silicon Magnesium Alloys Since 1974, supplying to all leading S. G. Iron foundries in India.

 Silicon Magnesium Alloys are master alloys of Magnesium with Iron and Silicon. They facilitate small additions of Magnesium to Iron, required to transform graphite flakes to spheroids.

Our alloys are produced in induction furnaces and cast in permanent moulds, to give homogeneity. We can offer the right alloy with controlled amounts of Ca and TRE, to reduce the severity of reaction and to improve magnesium recovery. All alloys are analysed with the help of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer to ensure consistent quality.


These alloys are very economic and most commonly used Nodulariser
Alloy selection depends on Sulphur and Silicon levels of base iron
Can be used for high S base iron. Less addition. As low as 0.6%.


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