Ferro Selenium

Selenium metal occurs in different ores, whereas the majority is attained as a byproduct of the Copper refineries. High pure Selenium is separated from the anode mud. The metal can occur either in an amorphous or in a crystalline structure. The crystalline monoclinic Selenium is dark red, the crystalline hexagonal Selenium is grey metallic and the most solid structure. Pure Selenium in small quantities is non toxic, whereas Selenium compounds are highly toxic.

Selenium metal is used in the glass industry, the pigment industry and in the battery industry, as well as for the production of shampoo and for chemical compounds, as i.e. Zinc Selenite and Sodium Selenite. Its application in the medical area as addition to nutrition becomes more and more important.

TRADIUM is specialized in the production of Selenium granules, but supplies also Selenium metal in form of powder, Ferro Selenium, Zinc Selenite and Sodium Selenite.


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