Carbon Steel

Hot Rolled Coil

 Hot Rolled Coil and Sheet steels in a wide variety of specifications, manufactured to meet international standards and a wide range of market requirements like forming, bending, deep drawing, laser cutting and welding. High carbon grades are especially suited to meet challenging wear and fatigue performance.
The main benefits of hot-rolled steel both for end-products and customer processes include improved end-product performance, longer product life, cost optimization, better processing facilities and more durable products. All the production lines are equipped with the latest technologies and have robust quality control mechanisms to check any abnormality in the process which might hamper the product quality.
In India,  the brand for HR Sheets & Coils, redefines the norms of the market by virtue of its impeccable quality and superb offerings. Hot rolled coils and sheets have been the backbone of the infrastructure and manufacturing sector for years now. From steelmaking to final finishing, the entire production line incorporates advanced technologies and processes that make a best-in-class product.


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