Ferro Boron

Ferro Boron offered is also known by the names of ferroboron, ferro boron granules, ferro boron powder (FeB), ferro boron powder (FEB), ferro boron lump and is available in CAS no of 11108–67–1 and with Chemical Formula Fe-B. It works as binary alloy of iron with boron content of 17.5% to 20% and provides usage as alloy developed from Boron and Iron and finds usage in metallurgical industry as additive for Boron.


Ferro Boron supports improvement of steel's quenching as well as mechanical behavior
Boron takes place of Chromium,Molybdenum and Nickel and do not effect mechanical behavior
Cast Iron when added with 0.05% Boron supports improvement of its wear resistance characteristics
Provides for suitable usage in applications involving manufacturing of Neody mium Iron, Boron magnets as well as use in amorphous metal materials for developing transformer cores
Provides working as lowest cost boron additive for steel and other ferrous metals
Made available in powder form as per customers requirements
Used for enhancing harden-ability of C-Mn as well as low alloy steels
Also used for improvement of steel, nitrogen scavenging as well as in rapidly solidified materials
Increases hot workability and creep resistance
Helps in improving neutron absorption
Suitable for use in production of low carbon cold working wire rod and automotive sheet steels
Available in packaging as per customer's specifications


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