Mr. Mehmet

(Managing Partner at CIM Madencilik Sanayi Ve Tic A.S)

Chinese bauxite grade is deteriorating and Turkish diasporic bauxite moves into China

MSM Linked: According to China Customs, China imported around 48.7 million tonnes of bauxite from January to November in 2015. China did not import bauxite from Turkey before, and Chinese consumers are not familiar with Turkish bauxite. What do you think of the differences between bauxite from Turkey and other origins like Malaysia and Australia? Do you think Chinese alumina refineries will be able to use Turkish bauxite?

Mehmet: Turkish bauxite is diasporic and is different from usual gibbsite bauxite of Malaysia and Australia. This bauxite can be used only in high temperature alumina refineries of Ch . . .


Simon Finnis

(CEO at Metro Mining Limited)

China’s demand for imported bauxite will continue to increase and Australian bauxite has its own merits

Metro Mining Limited is an exploration and mining company based in Brisbane, Australia. The company emerged from Metro Coal Ltd’s 2014 takeover of Cape Alumina Ltd. Its immediate focus is on the Bauxite Hills Project in Western Cape York.
MSM Linked: Since November, China’s alumina market has been moving down, resulting in a decline in imported bauxite prices, including material from Malaysia, India and Australia. What are your thoughts about bauxite price movement in 2016?
Will it affect progress on your bauxite project?
Simon: While the bauxite price has flattened in 2015, and may con . . .


Lv Bin

(Vice General Manager at Qinghai Henrida Silicon Carbide Co. Ltd.)

Cautious optimism about the demand for green silicon carbide rebound

Located in Dongyuan Road of Xiachuankou Industry Zone in Minhe County, Qinghai Province, Qinghai Henriida Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd. was registered in May, 2009. The company mainly produces green silicon carbide and powder which are used to produce abrasives, linear cutting in photovoltaic industry, semiconductor material, industrial ceramics and fines grinding etc. Covering 40,000 square meters of space with 12,000 square meters of building area, the company has a staff of 290, including two senior engineers and eight technical experts. The company has four 12500KVA smelting production lines and 20 converters whi . . .


Stefan Sefraoui

(Director at CF Tantalum Ltd)

African Tantalum ore market faces tight supply and prices to increase in Q2

CF Tantalum Ltd “CFT” which stand for Conflict Free Tantalum was incorporated in Rwanda to work hand on hand with our USA Company S&B Inter supply 3T’s to our EPZ Processing Plant in Tanzania.

CFT has over 16 years’ experience trading and processing wide range of minerals in Africa ranging from Gold, Bauxite to Tantalum Ore. Our head Office is in NYC – USA, while our Africa base is both Rabat, Morocco and Kigali, Rwanda.
MSM Linked: Hello, Mr. Stefan Sefraoui, thanks for accepting this interview. First, could you please give us a brief induction to your com . . .



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