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About Us

MSM Linked is a database that provides business users with comprehensive information about companies, people, products and services associated with the Metal, Steel and Mineral industries. This platform provides its members an opportunity to connect with other organisations and professionals related to the industry. It is aimed at helping businesses grow and promote easy trade.

We have been in this business, trading worldwide, from over two decades. When we began, it was difficult to find buyers as well as suppliers, and even more challenging to contact them. Additionally, a lot of resources was spent on the verification of the contacts and updating data regularly. We felt an urgent need to resolve this problem and help this Industry grow at a faster pace.

As the world becomes closer and networking increases, the players involved in these industries should also be able to reap its benefits. Since closing a deal is demanding and expensive enough, correct interaction within the industry will be facilitated with this database. With this in mind we hope to bridge the gap and create a more cooperative environment; after all any business will grow faster within a growing industry!

MSM Team

V.K. Dalmia, India
Founder & CEO
Vaibhav Dalmia, India
Importer & Exporter
Co-Founder & Partner
H.L. Tan, Singapore
Mineral & Metals Professional
Member, Advisory Board
Mike Huang, Taiwan
Mineral & Metals Professional
Member, Advisory Board
Aysenur Wetzel, Germany Business Co-ordinator


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